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A garage so beautiful, it should be in a museum.

More durable, beautiful epoxy floor alternative.

Hello Garage of Delmarva Before & After Photos

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Finishing a Basement with Hello Garage in Stevensville, MD

Polyaspartic floor coating is an ideal alternative for concrete floor coating! Concrete floored basements are a perfect match for Hello Garage with durable, easy to clean technology. 

Polyaspartic Transforms Hunter's Garage in Stevensville Maryland

Many people enjoy activities outside and inside their homes, and often when multiple activities come together it may be difficult to find appropriate space and storage for all of them. This unfortunately leads to some of the activities being pushed to the plerophory being stored in places such as the garage and the shed. Here at Hello Garage, we aim to turn those places into somewhere where you will love storing your belongings by transforming the entire space with our Polyaspartic floor coating. This coating looks good and makes cleaning much easier as it is stained resistant, preventing all spills from a leaking fresh kill brought home to an oil spill. 

Amazing Garage Floor Transition In White Marsh, MD

A White Marsh, MD  garage goes through a transition to a beautiful space with our polyaspartic flooring solution. 

Making a Garage Impression in Chester, MD

Make an incredible first impression with your impressive polyaspartic garage floor coating!  That is what this homeowner is Chester, MD decided to do and he is thrilled with the results!!

Letting a Garage Shine in Chester, MD

New construction garages can be a bit lackluster, not to mention very dusty. The Dream Team at Hello Garage of Delmarva did an amazing job putting an end to new construction concrete dust by installing protective and shiny coats which will leave the garage flooring dust free, low maintenance and beautiful for years to come!

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